In Fond Remembrance


Every year of our lives is so precious; every moment — good or bad — is valuable, as we have lived and learned, year after year, since childhood. As the ones not on this sad list, we know that these gatherings–with the laughter,  embarrassing memories, toasting our old friends and overlooking their physical changes–matter to us right now. We are still here, and our lost friends remind us to doggedly chase after good times. We will be glad we had at least this one more memorable time together.

Wish you were here.

Rest in Peace

Did we miss anyone? Please send information to sweethome75reunion@gmail.com

  • Roseann Adornetto

  • Sally Bedient

  • Nancy Biondo

  • Bob Celeri

  • Sharon Croop

  • John Croucher

  • Glen Cudzilo

  • Steve Decker

  • Rita Dotzy

  • Bob Eichler

  • James Fragale

  • Melanie Gaglione

  • Rob Glady

  • Barb Green

  • Steve Greenstone

  • Ted (Brendel) Hardy

  • James Hearn

  • Dave Izard

  • Michael Krupnick

  • Sandy LaRusch

  • Patty Maloney

  • Bob Munley

  • Bonnie Newcomer

  • Clatus O’Donnell

  • Ronnie Olsen

  • Phil Pielmeier

  • Karen Rolling

  • Pat Sauer

  • Joe Schimenti


  • Tom Seigel

  • Fred Smith

  • Marty Smith

  • John Strickland

  • Mark Suchman

  • Bob Swedenhjelm

  • Vynne Teresi

  • Angela Thomas

  • Greg Tolsma

  • Mark Tracey

  • Kim Wagner

  • Kathy Walbesser

  •  Gary White

  • Debbie Wiseman