Sweet Home football fans

This will be one of many pleas for you to start thinking about donating to the Class of 1975 treasury, or contributing however you can. Covid wiped out our bank account back when we were all ready to make a 45-year reunion happen. Three. Times. It’s a fact that everything just costs a lot. We have classmates who will reluctantly miss out on the fun because of the high costs of travel and tickets. We hope to have a healthy treasury to put towards a fabulous reunion with the most classmates as possible. It will be 50 years! That will make it an entire decade since you’ve caught up with and celebrated alongside the class of ’75. Your donation will help with the following.:

  • Allowing more classmates to attend, and possible sponsorship of a classmate’s ticket.
  • possibly to provide a Class of 75 scholarship to help a current class or individual.
  • Help cover incidental costs, including:
    • raffle prizes
    • costs associated with recognizing our classmates who have passed away.
    • printing charges
    • music costs
    • costs associated with getting the word out, including notices in and this website

Your contributions will allow us to have a really special weekend; a step up from all of our great past reunions. Again: 50 years have gone by; 10 years have passed since our last reunion (unfortunately, but ultimately saving all of us the costs of our 45th reunion, which never happened.) We are SO READY for a SENSATIONAL CELEBRATION!!!

A “please donate” button will appear after our class bank account is all set up.